BCAB #1085 - Taper-Sawn Cedar Shakes

July 21, 1989

BCAB #1085

Re: Taper-Sawn Cedar Shakes

With reference to your letter of July 5, 1989 regarding the installation of taper-sawn cedar shakes. While not specifically described in the Code, this product has been accepted previously under Appeals #558, 1035, and 1060, copies of which are attached for information.

We regard this product as essentially a good quality shingle which industry, for some reason, wish to categorize as a shake. Under the circumstances we have accepted the units for installation as either shakes or shingles, on condition that there be no deviation from the code requirements for the specific category under which they are being installed. We see no reason to deviate from this position.

It would seem from your letter that you wish to select options from both methods of installation, complying fully with neither. You have not submitted evidence of tests or evaluations of previous installations which would allow us to consider your proposal as an equivalent.

J.C. Currie, Chair