BCAB #1079 - Mezzanine Means of Egress, Article and Sentence

August 29, 1989

BCAB #1079

Re: Mezzanine Means of Egress, Article and Sentence

With reference to your letter of June 19, 1989 regarding the means of egress from a mezzanine within a dwelling unit.

To first clarify the position with respect to mezzanines:

A mezzanine is a "storey", except that it is exempt from consideration in calculating building height if it complies with Article

It is also a "floor area", regardless of consideration as a storey for building height.

Further to the above we must conclude that Article applies to mezzanines. However, Sentence provides an exemption subject to compliance with certain requirements, which go beyond the travel distance indicated in your letter. If your mezzanines comply with these provisions, they do not require a separate egress door.

J.C. Currie, Chair

Note: Article deals with means of egress generally, within a residential occupancy, and its provisions would apply to mezzanines if it were not for Section 3.4., and in particular Subsection 3.4.2. This gives an exemption for mezzanines in relation to the specific requirements for exits.