BCAB #1076 - Occupancy in Corridors, Sentence and Article

June 27, 1989

BCAB #1076

Re: Occupancy in Corridors, Sentence and Article

With reference to your letter of May 10, 1989 regarding lounge areas located within hallways.

From the information provided, the hall areas are basically public corridors. Your letter does not indicate which part of the Building Code covers the particular structure in question, but under Part 3, Sentence applies; under Part 9, Article deals with the same issue. In either case the Code permits a corridor to contain an occupancy, such as that under review, without fire separations, subject to maintenance of the required unobstructed widths necessary for exiting.

We would point out that this does not remove the need for compliance with other Code provisions, including Sentence; the area of corridor containing the occupancy could still need to be separated from the remainder of the building.

J.C. Currie, Chair