BCAB #1074 - Fire Fighting Access to House

May 16, 1989

BCAB #1074

Re: Fire Fighting Access to House

With reference to your letter of May 8, 1989 regarding the reconstruction of your home, demolished by a propane explosion.

From the information supplied it seems that while your home is located on McNicholl Avenue, which is a street, this is presently undeveloped. A 20 foot wide side lane has been used as fire fighting access in the past.

We find no difficulty in the continuation of the situation which existed prior to the explosion. With respect to construction, the new house would need to conform with the Building Code. Regarding fire fighting access, while a full street is obviously desirable, the Code provides the authority having jurisdiction sufficient scope to accept the existing side lane for this purpose, if they are satisfied as to its adequacy. The 20 foot width is not unreasonable.

We would not consider this to be a contravention of the Building Code.

J.C. Currie, Chair