BCAB #1072 - Electromagnetic Locks on Fire Exit Doors, Sentence

June 27, 1989

BCAB #1072

Re: Electromagnetic Locks on Fire Exit Doors, Sentence

With reference to your letter of May 3, 1989 regarding the use of electromagnetic locks.

From the information submitted it appears that your proposal represents a fundamental difference from the Building Code. Sentence accepts electromagnetic locks in line with the basic principles for exit doors, as indicated elsewhere in the same Sentence, which requires the opening function to be initiated by the actual door hardware. The release upon activation of a fire alarm signal is an additional safety feature, and the sign is only to draw attention to the existence of an operational delay.

Your proposal does not include the activation of an opening sequence by the door hardware, but utilizes the secondary fire alarm operation for door opening.

Under the circumstances we are unable to accept your proposal as either conforming with the Code, or of being an acceptable equivalent. We must regard it as contravening the intent of the Code.

J.C. Currie, Chair