BCAB #1071 - Cedar Roofs - Toe Holds

May 10, 1989

BCAB #1071

Re: Cedar Roofs - Toe Holds

With reference to your letter of April 19, 1989 requesting our comments on the use of toe holds on cedar roofs.

The question relates to practices by trades working over a cedar roof, after it has been installed. There are basically two points at issue; one is the question of work safety, which is not a matter falling under the jurisdiction of the Appeal Board, we note that a copy of your letter was sent to the Workers' Compensation Board, and it would appear to be a point for them to consider. The second point involves a fundamental principle with respect to Code compliance; the final result, after completion of the building, must comply. If subsequent action, of any type, after a particular portion of construction, adversely affected the end result; then the end result would be unacceptable if it fell below the Code requirements. For this purpose we should make it clear that we are not dealing with appearance, but only with the provisions of the Code.

If damage of the nature indicated in your letter occurred, it would seem to be detrimental and therefore unacceptable. It is, however, not our function to allocate responsibility in such a situation.

J.C. Currie, Chair