BCAB #1060 - Cedar Shakes, Articles and

April 10, 1989

BCAB #1060

Re: Cedar Shakes, Articles and

With reference to your letter of April 4, 1989 regarding acceptance of Textured Taper-sawn, and Taper-split shakes.

With respect to Taper-split shakes we note that these comply with Article for size, and the exposure indicated complies with Article In the referenced standard Table 4 is included as a summary, and we do not regard the 600 mm length listed as critical.

Taper-sawn shakes have been used extensively, and have in fact been mentioned in earlier appeals. We also accept your statement regarding the advantage of a grooved face.

Under the circumstances, in view of your recommendation, we would consider both types to be acceptable under the B.C. Building Code, subject to adequate mill grading. We would accept an agency accredited for this purpose by the Standards Council of Canada.

J.C. Currie, Chair