BCAB #1057 - FGC Firestops - Combustible Construction, Article

April 10, 1989

BCAB #1057

Re: FGC Firestops - Combustible Construction, Article

With reference to your letter of March 20, 1989 regarding the installation of combustible plumbing piping.

The first question raised in your letter is of a general nature, and in the absence of specifics we can only give a general reply. It is possible to install combustible piping within and penetrating fire separations, subject to compliance with the Code for the type of fire separation, type of pipe, method of penetration. Article of the Code is one example of acceptability under certain circumstances.

With respect to the use of FGC firestops, the Code references CAN4-S101 as the test for such penetrations, but this is being superseded by CAN4-S115, indicated in your letter, and we have already accepted this new standard in earlier appeals. If the firestops are tested and listed by an accredited agency in accordance with the standard, and Warnock Hersey are accredited in this field, then we would consider them to be acceptable without further reference to ourselves. Installation would need to be in strict accordance with the terms of the listing.

J.C. Currie, Chair