BCAB #1047 - Fireplace Insert

February 6 , 1989

BCAB #1047

Re: Fireplace Insert

With reference to your letter of December 14, 1988 regarding the installation of an "Elmira" fireplace insert into an existing fireplace.

The insert has been tested and listed to ULC-S628, a standard for fireplace inserts, which indicates that the manufacturer's instructions should include the types, construction requirements, and size limitations of the fireplace in which the insert may be installed. The manufacturer's instructions specifically state that - "The insert is intended for use only in masonry fireplaces constructed in accordance with all national and local building code standards", which in this case is the B.C. Building Code.

From the information we are unable to determine whether you have complied with the manufacturer's instructions as indicated in the standard.

J.C. Currie, Chair