BCAB #1045A - Combustible Projections, Appeal #1045

April 10, 1989

BCAB #1045A

Re: Combustible Projections, Appeal #1045

With reference to your letter of March 7, 1989 dealing with points raised in ours of February 6th.

The limited details submitted show a firewall extending completely through a projecting combustible canopy. We are unable to agree with your contention that this complies with Sentence; we interpret that Sentence as seeking to prevent the lateral spread of fire across the end of a firewall. Extension of the firewall through the canopy is necessary for continuity, but the canopies do project beyond the firewall of the building proper, and as such constitute a direct threat to the walls above and below. Under the circumstances we must consider Sentence as still applicable to any window or door openings.

With respect to what you refer to as a "limiting distance wall", as indicated on Sketch #1; the information provided is not adequate to arrive at a firm conclusion, but it appears that one location (marked as 3 on Sketch #1) could fall under the above decision. It could also apply to the opposite unmarked location, although Sentence may apply, involving Article

J.C. Currie, Chair