BCAB #1021 - Unfinished Insulated Surfaces, Articles &

September 27, 1988

BCAB #1021

Re: Unfinished Insulated Surfaces, Articles &

With reference to your letter of July 2, 1988, regarding the application of Articles and

Article can apply to the locations referred to in your letter, where the insulation installed in these areas is likely to be subjected to mechanical damage. In each case the question as to whether mechanical damage may occur, therefore calling the Article into application, is a subjective judgement to be made by the inspecting authority considering all the relevant factors of each case.

In dealing with an area such as a crawl space, it cannot be taken for granted that future usage is inevitable unless this intention can be reasonably assumed from the circumstance. Similarly, because an attic exists does not make use for storage inevitable, unless preparations make this a reasonable assumption.

With respect to Article, this is applicable to interior finishes, which are materials falling under the general provisions of Section 30. A vapour barrier would not fall into this category, but any protection required under the provisions of Article would also be required to conform with Article

J.C. Currie, Chair