BCAB #1013 - Interpretation of Grade, Article

August 2, 1988

BCAB #1013

Re: Interpretation of Grade, Article

With reference to your letter of June 7, 1988, regarding an interpretation of "grade", as applicable to an apartment block.

In you letter we would point out that you refer to the definition of "firewall" apparently on the basis that it may not necessarily be taken as separating adjoining buildings. If so, this is incorrect, the definition merely indicates the purposes for which a firewall is used, but Article clearly states that each portion of a building divided by a firewall shall be considered as a separate building. Thus the apartment block in question must be regarded as two separate buildings, and the definition of "grade" applied to each. It should also be noted that the definition means the lowest of the average levels of finished ground adjoining "each" exterior wall, not the average at all walls; thus the worst condition applies. With respect to the entrance for underground parking, from the information submitted this appears to be a driveway running the full length of the building, certainly not a ""ocalized depression"; thus "grade" at this face would be the actual level of the driveway.

The question of whether an additional storey can be added to your building must be considered in the light of the foregoing observations.

J.C. Currie, Chair