BCAB #1012 - Strobe Lights, Sentences, &

August 2, 1988

BCAB #1012

Re: Strobe Lights, Sentences, &

With reference to your letter of April 28, 1988 regarding the installation of strobe lights under Sentence of the British Columbia Building Code.

Sentence requires the provision of "special outlet boxes and coverplates" in each dwelling unit. Sentence describes the special outlet boxes as "designed and wired specifically to allow strobe lights".

We are unable to agree that the wording can be interpreted as accepting standard outlets for this purpose. The wording clearly requires more, and we must assume it to include whatever is necessary to permit the strobe light to operate as required. The only feature of which we have knowledge, which would make an outlet "special" for the purpose of strobe light operation is the incorporation of a strobe light control.

We would also disagree with your reading of Sentence, which we take only for the purpose of calculating power requirements, based on probability of simultaneous use.

J.C. Currie, Chairman