BCAB #1007 - Insulock Building System, Section 2.5

June 10, 1988

BCAB #1007

Re: Insulock Building System, Section 2.5

With reference to your letter of April 15, 1988, appealing the rejection of your product as an equivalent under Section 2.5. of the B.C. Building Code. The system consists of hollow polyurethane foam blocks, which serve as permanent formwork for reinforced concrete.

From the information submitted we consider it to be acceptable on the same basis as the approval granted by the Ontario Building materials Evaluation Commission #87-3-100, subject to the following:

(a) Installation shall comply with all applicable requirements in the B.C. Building Code, including protection for foamed plastic insulation.

(b) The engineering analysis and supervision of construction (items 7 and 8 of the Ontario approval) shall be carried out by professionals licensed to practise in British Columbia.

J.C. Currie, Chair