Fish Health

Proactive fish health management at aquaculture facilities mitigates production risks and helps ensure stock is in good condition. In British Columbia, all aquaculture operations are required to meet certain health management practices to obtain and maintain a licence. Tools and diagnostic resources are available to assist aquaculture producers in meeting these legislated requirements.

As a condition of the aquaculture licence, licence holders are required to prepare fish health management plans, and regularly report on key operation parameters including, but not limited to:

  • production and biomass
  • mortality
  • health status of stocks
  • use of veterinary drugs and pest control products
  • escapes
  • marine mammal interaction

Diagnostic Resources

Diagnostic testing is part of fish health management and is available through the provincial  Animal Health Centre and third party laboratories. Services include fish health diagnostics, fee-for-service services, test development, and research and development.