Sourcing Raw Materials for Food Processing

British Columbia food processing businesses source inputs from across the province and internationally.

A well designed business plan provides a strategy for acquiring the raw materials necessary to operate the business and provide quality products.

Considerations When Sourcing Raw Materials

  • Local vs import: there are advantages to both streams of goods. Review the financial benefits as well as the risks associated with smaller suppliers. Growth may be challenged if the supply of materials does not allow for larger production schedules.
  • Approved sources: ensure that all of your suppliers are compliant with the necessary certificates and /or licences that may pertain to your products or process. Check with your local Environmental Health officer and/or Canadian Food Inspection Agency to see if any regulations apply to the products you are sourcing.
  • Value chains: defined as businesses along the supply chain that work together to add value to goods in the most efficient way possible. Informal arrangements exist in most supply chains. Consider how you can develop these sorts of partnerships to mitigate risks and supply interruptions