Agricultural Trusts

Trusts provide the incentive and opportunity for industry sectors to lead, manage and finance their own development by providing partial funding for development activities. Trusts also help industry to establish partnerships with other parties who share their development priorities, making the most of available industry funds.

What Are Trusts?

Trust funds are:

  • Established to provide partial funding to help stimulate an industry's development initiatives
  • Managed by an independent trustee, and not government

Earnings, and capital in some cases, from the trusts are available for industry projects. Industry invests in all projects, meaning that it must match the funds flowing from the trust on a dollar-for-dollar basis. All non-government sources of funds can be used for match funding.

All initiatives are approved, managed and administered by advisory committees made up of producers and other industry members (with producers in the majority).

Who Can Apply?

  • Individuals and organizations can contact the administrator to find out about the Trust and its application process
  • Projects must benefit an industry sector; commercial entities are not eligible for direct financial assistance

Funding Criteria

  • Industry sets priorities for funding and makes the decisions on projects
  • Criteria for funding include viability, profitability, market responsiveness, education, technology development and transfer, environmental management, and cost sharing

Trust Fund Administrators

For further questions or to find out how to apply, please contact the appropriate industry association or council:

Fund Name


B.C. Hog Industry Development Fund Trust

B.C. Pork Producers' Association

B.C. Peace River Agriculture Fund Trust

B.C. Peace River Grain Industry Development Council

B.C. Potato Industry Development Trust

B.C. Potato and Vegetable Growers' Association

B.C. Processing Vegetable Industry Development Trust

B.C. Vegetable Marketing Commission

B.C. Raspberry Industry Development Trust

B.C. Raspberry Industry Development Council

Beef Cattle Industry Development Fund

Cattle Industry Development Council

Strawberry Industry Development Trust

B.C. Strawberry Growers' Association