Emergency use registration

Emergency use registrations are time limited registrations, granted by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency for a period of one year or less. You must apply for emergency registrations for agricultural uses through the B.C. Government.

The Provincial Minor Use Pesticide Coordinator determines if there is a critical need and leads the preparation of the emergency use request, with the help of government staff, grower organizations and registrants. Emergency uses are not intended to solve ongoing pest problems and are only requested if there is a critical need.

How long does it take to get an emergency use registration?

How long an emergency request will take depends on the complexity of the request. Preparation of all required documents usually requires two to three weeks. Health Canada will then need approximately four weeks to review the information and provide a decision.

What are the criteria for an emergency use registration?

An emergency is generally deemed to exist when the following criteria are met (per Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s emergency use directive):

  • A pest outbreak or pest situation occurs that can cause significant economic, environmental or health problems;
  • There is no effective product or application method registered in Canada for the control of the pest; and
  • There is no effective, alternative control method available.

In addition, before an emergency use registration request can be sent, the B.C. Government must agree with the detailed justification explaining why an emergency need exists and why a request for a specific pest control product must be sent to Health Canada.