Pesticide labels and registration

All pesticides, including synthetic or natural chemical pesticides and biopesticides must be registered by Health Canada before they can be sold or used in Canada.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada is responsible for registering pesticides in Canada. Once a pesticide is registered, it is given a registration number, also known as a Pest Control Products Number. This number must be on the label of any pesticide sold or used in Canada. Refer to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency website for more information on pesticide registration.

New pesticide registrations

List of recent pesticide registrations of interest to B.C. agricultural producers, including emergency registrations, minor use registrations and new active ingredients:

Minor use registration

Find out more about minor use registration of pesticides in Canada:

Emergency registration

 Find out more about emergency registration of pesticides for serious pest situations: 

Pesticide labels

Information about pesticide labels in Canada, what they contain, and why a pesticide applicator must read them carefully: