Addressing Concerns and Complaints About Audible Bird Scare Devices

The vast majority of crops vulnerable to bird predation are grown successfully using one or more of the control practices available including audible bird scare devices. In a few cases, the farm practices lead to complaints. If you have such a complaint there are several options available.

Lower Mainland Blueberry Grower Liaison Officer

In the lower mainland of B.C., if you believe blueberry farmers are not following the guidelines, then you may wish to contact Nazam Dulat (778 549-0712), Grower Liaison Officer of the British Columbia Blueberry Council (BCBC) who will investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve the issue.

Local Government Bylaw Enforcement

Local government bylaw enforcement may also address the concern and is a good place to start. There are several tools for addressing bird scare device complaints available to local governments across the province.

In the lower mainland, Pitt Meadows handles the complaints directly. Other lower mainland governments will direct initial complaints to the BC Blueberry Council

Ministry of Agriculture Staff

Ministry staff are also available to address concerns about farm practices.  For the Metro Vancouver or Lower Fraser Valley telephone the Abbotsford office 604 556-3001 (toll free 1-888-221-7141).  For the Okanagan  Valley please telephone the Kelowna office 250 861-7211 (toll free 1-888-332-3352). Contact Ministry offices regarding farm complaints in other areas.

British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB)

At any time you may also file a formal complaint with the British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) in Victoria, telephone 250 356-8945. The Board has the mandate under the Farm Practices Protection (Right To Farm) Act to determine if the farm operation is following “normal farm practice” and whether the practice is protected under the Act. Information on how to file a complaint can be found on the BCFIRB website.