Agricultural waste management resources

Information is available from many other agencies and organizations.

British Columbia

The Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative supports local governments in developing emergency response plans for livestock disposal in the event of a disease outbreak or other natural disaster.  Funding is available to help communities prepare plans for the efficient and safe disposal of all livestock carcasses generated during an emergency in B.C.

The Farmwest website includes manure spreading advisories for the South Coastal Region of British Columbia and publications that relate to waste management:


The Alberta Agriculture and Forestry website includes information on various topics and tools related to manure management:

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture website provides information on general topics related to manure management, as well as information on storage for solid and liquid manure:


The US Extension Initiative website provides extension information from various universities in the United States on various waste management topics such as nutrient management, manure treatment technologies, as well as manure storage and handling:

Get direct access to information on a range of waste management topics which include manure management as well as mortality and manure composting, including an Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook:

The Cornell Waste Management Institute provides educational materials and other resources are available on composting and other waste management best practices: