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Learn when and how landlords can apply rent increases.

Last updated: September 11, 2023

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2023 rent increase limit 

Residential tenancies 

The 2023 rent increase limit is 2%.  

Find out if the Residential Tenancy Act covers your tenancy.  

Manufactured home parks 

The 2023 rent increase limit is 2% plus a proportional amount for changes in local government levies and regulated utility fees. 

2024 rent increase limit 

Residential tenancies 

The 2024 rent increase limit is 3.5%.  

Find out if the Residential Tenancy Act covers your tenancy.  

Manufactured home parks 

The 2024 rent increase limit is 3.5% plus a proportional amount for changes in local government levies and regulated utility fees. 

When landlords can increase rent 

Landlords can only increase the rent once in a 12 month period.  

Rent increases can only take place 12 months after the date that: 

  • The current rent was set with the existing tenants, or  
  • The rent was last legally increased 

This rule applies if there is a new landlord or a new tenant by way of assignment.  

Landlords can only apply rent increases for the current year 

Landlords can't apply rent increases that happened in the past, even if the landlord: 

  • Didn't apply the rent increase in the previous year 
  • Increased the rent by part of the allowable amount, and now wants to apply the rest 

Example of the landlord increasing the rent by part of the allowable amount 

The 2022 rent increase limit was 1.5%. The landlord increased the rent by 1%, instead of the full 1.5%.  

For 2023, the landlord wants to increase the rent by the remaining 0.5% from last year. The landlord then plans to apply this year’s rent increase.  

The landlord is not allowed to do this, because the full rent increase from last year needed to be applied last year.  

Calculating a rent increase 

The rent increase can't be more than the amount calculated using the rent increase limit. Landlords can't round up when calculating the allowable rent increase.  

Example of allowable increase 

The tenant's existing rent is $1,115. Based on this year's rent increase limit, the most the landlord can raise the rent is $22.30. The landlord can't round up the maximum amount. This means they can raise the rent up to $1,137.30, but not to $1,138.  

Rent increase calculator 

Use this calculator to find out when and by how much rent can be increased.

Rent increase calculator 

Notifying tenants 

Landlords must give tenants three full rental months' notice of a rent increase.  

Example of three full rental months notice 

The tenant pays rent on the first of each month. The landlord notifies the tenant of a rent increase on January 15. The three full rental months of notice are February, March and April. The tenant pays the new rent amount on May 1.  

Notice of rent increase form 

Landlords must use the notice of rent increase form to let tenants know about the rent increase.  

Instructions for using the rent increase form 

Be sure to complete both pages of the form, including both boxes on the second page.  

Do not round up the calculated rent increase amount. 

Fixed term tenancies 

If a fixed term tenancy agreement ends and the tenant keeps living in the unit, the landlord can only increase the rent once every 12 months. The landlord can only increase the rent by the maximum allowable amount. 

Landlords cannot apply for an extra rent increase if the rent is lower than other units in the area. 

Subsidized housing 

The Residential Tenancy Branch does not set rent increases for subsidized housing. Tenants living in subsidized housing should talk to their housing provider if they have questions about rent increases.  

Unlawful rent increases 

Tenants do not have to pay rent increases that are higher than the amount allowed by law.  

If the landlord attempts to apply an unlawful rent increase, the tenant can: 

  • Give the landlord documents showing the allowable amount 
  • Apply for dispute resolution, asking for an order that the landlord follow the law 

Rent increases after dispute resolution 

If an arbitrator made the decision to raise the rent higher than the current year’s rent increase limit, the tenant can’t apply for dispute resolution.  

Deducting overpayments 

If the tenant has paid a rent increase higher than the legal amount, they can deduct the overpayment from future rent. The tenant should explain in writing the reason they are not paying the amount the landlord asked for. 

Past rent increase limits



Rent increase limit

2024 3.5%
2023 2%
2022 1.5%
2021 0%
2020 2.6%
2019 2.5%

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