Property Assessment Review Panel

Filing a property assessment complaint (appeal)

If you would like to file a 2019 property assessment complaint (appeal) to be heard by a Property Assessment Review Panel, your complaint MUST be filed with the assessor (BC Assessment) no later than midnight on January 31, 2019.  You may file your complaint online at

Property assessment complaints are not valid if filed directly with the Property Assessment Review Panels or the Property Assessment Review Panel administration office – all complaints must be field directly with BC Assessment.  We encourage you to speak to BC Assessment regarding any concerns that you have with your assessment, classification or exemptions prior to filing a formal complaint (appeal).  You can contact BC Assessment online at or by phone at 1-866-825-8322.

What is it?

A Property Assessment Review Panel or PARP is the first level of appeal for property assessments in British Columbia. Complainants file their complaint with the British Columbia Assessment Authority to have a 30 minute hearing before a Panel.

Property Assessment Review Panel members receive their appointments from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. So what happens when a PARP hears a property assessment complaint and what do I need to do to prepare for my presentation to the Panel?

The video found below offers a shortened version of a PARP hearing.


Preparing for PARP