Create Work Location - EPRMP.03

Add a New Work Location

A work location should only be added when the correct one does not exist – don’t add a duplicate of one that has been added by another source. You can add a new work location for providers who work in your work location when required by entering the following information:

  • purpose (always choose Health Information Distribution from the drop down list)
  • location name (e.g., Victoria Clinic)
  • work location identifier (PLR auto generates one if not provided); and
  • effective start date

You can also include one or more of the following (optional):

  • addresses
  • telecommunication numbers (e.g., telephone and fax)
  • electronic addresses (e.g., email or website); and
  • effective start date (for each of the above)

Contact Information

You can only add one of each of the following business contact elements in the work location record:

  • physical address
  • mailing address
  • telephone number
  • cellular (mobile) number
  • fax number
  • email address; and
  • web site address

Note: Either 'BC' (Business Contact)' or 'HC' (Home Contact) can be used to identify the purpose. BC is preferred.

Another Source’s Work Location Data is Incorrect

If you notice an existing work location added by another source is incorrect or obsolete, report the error to the Registries Line of Business Help Desk at: