Client Registry Support - ECR.06

Last updated on February 27, 2019

The Registries Line of Business must be contacted if:

  • a date of death has been applied to the client in error
  • data has been entered into the wrong client record
  • it is suspected that a patient has a duplicate record in the Client Registry
  • search results indicate there may be multiple PHN's assigned to a patient
  • the Client Registry rejected the update because the client record is in a potential "overlay" status
    Note: An overlay is caused when a significant change has been made to a client record which may indicate that it is not the same person.
  • the Client Registry sends a notification that the PHN entered from a B.C. health card (B.C. Services Card or CareCard) does not exist
  • the patient requests to have a confidentiality mask applied to their Client Registry record; or
  • for any other data quality issues

Contact the Registries Line of Business Help Desk at:

This contact should not be provided to clients.