Postgraduate Medical Education International Medical Graduate Program

The Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) International Medical Graduate (IMG) Program is a patient-focused initiative. The program supports equitable access to government-funded health services for B.C. residents. It also provides IMG participants with an opportunity to train and qualify as a practising physician in B.C. IMGs are a diverse group of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have completed their medical education at medical schools outside of Canada or the U.S. 

Since 2006, the Province of British Columbia has funded the residency positions of hundreds of participants. In exchange, participants complete a Return of Service (ROS) following completion of their residency.

How to Apply

All prospective candidates for PGME IMG residency positions apply through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). The PGME IMG residency positions are protected for IMG applicants in the first iteration of the CaRMS Main Residency Match. In the second iteration, both IMGs and Canadian Medical Graduates may apply. Key dates and information about the matching process are available on the CaRMS website.

IMGs seeking to be matched to a residency position in B.C. are required to participate in UBC’s Clinical Assessment Program. Further information on criteria and residency is available on the UBC Faculty of Medicine IMG Office website.

The PGME IMG residency positions for the 2023 CaRMS match are:

Return of Service Communities

The list of ROS communities and placement opportunities is responsive to the current and emerging health care needs of B.C. For details on the current community matching process, please see the ROS contract templates and PGME program policy in the sidebar.

Participants with an ROS in a Rural Subsidiary Agreement community may be eligible for financial and practice supports through Rural Practice Programs.

These maps identify the B.C. communities that have received a ROS placement:

Any clinics or facilities interested in hosting a family medicine or specialist ROS can contact the physician recruitment team at their health authority.

Return of Service Commitment

Accepting a PGME IMG residency position via CaRMS requires executing the ROS contract. The ROS contract is a legal undertaking that warrants independent legal advice and thorough consideration of the contractual requirements. Contract termination due to breach of contract carries significant financial consequences. For full details on the ROS commitment, please see the PGME IMG contract templates and program policies in the sidebar.