9.4 Wireless Access

General Policy Description

The Ministry of Health allows wireless access to PharmaNet from tested, secure wireless Local Area Networks, subject to the PharmaNet Access Restrictions cited above. 

Policy Details

To use wireless access to connect to PharmaNet, users/facilities must

  1. Comply with Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) wireless standards.
  1. Provide appropriate staff training.
  • All new and current employees must be provided with information about the facility’s wireless policy and procedures as they relate to access to PharmaNet
  1. Ensure proper incident reporting.
  1. Complete an Attestation of Compliance.


Pharmacies should send their signed Attestation of Compliance to:

Health Insurance BC, Information Support, 
Victoria BC V8W 9P2
Fax: 250-405-3599

All other points of service should send their signed Attestation of Compliance to:

Health Data Access Services, Health Sector IM/IT Division, Ministry of Health, 
PO Box 9640
Victoria BC  V8W 9P1
Fax: 250-952-1119

Once you receive an e-mail confirmation from the Ministry, you may implement wireless access to PharmaNet.

Attestations must be renewed every two years. The Ministry, however, reserves the right to require re attestation at any time (e.g., following the publication of major changes to the wireless standards).

Facilities that do not satisfy these requirements are not permitted to use wireless technology to access PharmaNet. 

Any facility that fails to comply with the above procedures in the deployment and use of wireless technology will have to terminate their wireless connection to PharmaNet and any other systems the Ministry specifies.


Tools and Resources

For assistance, contact the Ministry of Health Services Help Desk at Hlth.Helpdesk@gov.bc.ca.