Registered Nurses (Certified) (RN(C)s) are eligible to enrol with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) and obtain an MSP practitioner number when they have obtained both registration as a Registered Nurse with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) and certification in one or more of three certified practice categories. Specific activities performed by RN(C)s require certification as described in the CRNBC Standards, Limits and Conditions.

Enrolment status with MSP and, therefore the possession of an active practitioner number is contingent upon the registered nurses (certified) continued practising registration with the College and maintenance of certified practice status. The registered nurse (certified) must notify Health Insurance BC in cases where registration is suspended under professional conduct review or of any changes in contact information.

Note: RN(C)s should consult with their employer first before enrolling. Also a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner with an existing  MSP practitioner number, who becomes certified in any of the three certified practice categories, needs to apply for a second practitioner number to in order to perform the RN(C) laboratory test referral services.

MSP Enrollment Instructions

Each RN(C) enrolled with Medical Services Plan (MSP) is assigned a unique MSP practitioner number. The practitioner number authorizes the RN(C) to requisition selected laboratory medicine tests for eligible  MSP beneficiaries and allows laboratories performing these services to submit claims to MSP for remittance.

Use the Forms link to connect to the MSP practitioner website. Click on the appropriate link to the RN(C) enrolment form. Fill out this form on line, print, sign and mail it, with the required supporting documentation to Health Insurance BC (address on bottom of form). You must attach a copy of your CRNBC Nurse Verification form available from the CRNBC website.

Health Insurance BC will send written confirmation to you by mail to advise you of your MSP practitioner number.

Please advise Health Insurance BC of any changes to your address or telephone number, so that your practitioner file can be updated accordingly. Timely notification of changes ensures that you obtain accurate information and efficient service. You should also notify the CRNBC of your address change at the same time.

Use this form to enrol as a certified registered nurse with MSP.