Hard Opt Out

MSP Reimbursement Directed to Patients

General Information

  • Reimbursement for MSP services is paid once per month at the end of the month
  • Claims billed through the web online submission by the practitioner will generate an error report to patients (in hard copy format) once per month if there is an information discrepancy
  • Practitioner will ensure patient name and address is on the claim
  • Practitioner ensures the web online submission claims are submitted with patient’s name and address – HIBC pays the claims once a month which are sent directly to patient’s name and address on claim.

As required by legislation practitioners must inform patient:

  • that the practitioner has opted out
  • how much the patient will be reimbursed by MSP
  • how much, if any, the patient will be paying in addition to MSP fee


  • Send HIBC a letter requesting hard opt out status (opted out date will be 30 to 45 days from  receipt of letter). HIBC will inform you of your opted out date.
  • Letter requesting opted out status is required from each practitioner in your office.
  • Web online submission claims and fill, print and mail forms are available at: MSP Billing and Payments
  • Practitioner’s office is responsible for filling out online submission claims and ensuring patient’s name and address is on the claim.
  • Inform patient you are opted out and how much they will be charged in addition to the MSP fee.
  • Claims are billed with patient’s name and address, paid once a month and cheques sent directly c/o the patient’s name and address on the web online submission claims.