External Review of Guidelines

Peer review is a critical component of the guideline development process. New and existing guidelines that have undergone substantive changes are subject to external review to make sure they are clearly written, practical and free of errors.

We depend on B.C. health care professionals to review our draft guidelines. Our external review involves 1) regular mail sent to a random sample of B.C. physicians and relevant specialists, and 2) emails to a group of key partners in areas such as pharmacy, laboratory procedures, health authorities, public health, and  professional colleges and associations. All feedback received is reviewed by the GPAC guideline working group. For more information on our external review process, please see the GPAC Handbook.

BC health care professionals and relevant stakeholders are invited to participate as external reviewers for the draft version of BC Guidelines.

Guidelines Currently in External Review

The external review for the Thyroid Function Testing guideline has now closed

This is a revision of the 2010 version of the guideline. Major revisions to the guideline include the expansion of the scope to include pediatric and pregnant patients, modifications to the pregnancy section and the addition of a laboratory algorithm. It applies to the detection of thyroid dysfunction in patients (pediatric and adult), including pregnant women or women planning pregnancy, and the monitoring of patients treated for thyroid function disorders. The purpose of this guideline is to provide recommendations for thyroid function testing in the primary health care setting.

The external review for the Ultrasound Prioritization guideline has now closed

This guideline summarizes suggested wait times for common indications where ultrasound is the recommended first imaging test. The purpose is to inform primary care practitioners of how referrals are prioritized by radiologists, radiology departments and community imaging clinics across the province.

This guideline is an adaptation of the British Columbia Radiological Society (BCRS) Ultrasound Prioritization Guidelines (2016).  This guideline is expected to be published in Spring 2018.

The external review for the Opioid Use Disorder guideline is now closed.

The final version of the Opioid Use Disorder guideline is expected soonThe draft guideline can still be downloaded here:

Earning Credit for Continuing Professional Development

Physicians who act as external reviewers for BC Guidelines may be eligible to receive credit towards continuing professional development or continuing medical education. For more information, see Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits.