Section 33.1 - Disclosure Outside of Canada

Last updated on April 18, 2024


Section 33.1 establishes that a public body may disclose personal information outside Canada. In addition to the rules governing disclosure in Section 33, any disclosures outside of Canada must follow the specific regulations on disclosing sensitive personal information to be stored outside of Canada 

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Section 33.1 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

33.1  A public body may disclose personal information outside of Canada only if the disclosure is in accordance with the regulations, if any, made by the minister responsible for this Act.


Section 33.1  establishes that a public body may disclose personal information outside Canada if the disclosure is in accordance with the regulations. This section applies where the personal information is in the custody or control of the public body or a service provider of the public body. 

The Personal Information Disclosure for Storage Outside of Canada Regulation requires public bodies to conduct an assessment of any program, project or system in which sensitive personal information is disclosed to be stored outside of Canada. The Regulation outlines the following two specific exceptions to the assessment requirement:

This assessment happens within the privacy impact assessment (PIA), and follows the directions issued by the minister responsible for the Act.

More information on how and when to conduct a PIA, and to clarify the legislative requirement for PIAs, see the Directions for Completing a PIA.

For specific guidance respecting the supplementary assessment required for sensitive personal information disclosed to be stored outside of Canada, see the Guidance on Disclosures Outside of Canada.  



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