CIO Council

Last updated on October 27, 2016

Ministry Chief Information Officer Council

The Chief Information Officer Council (CIO Council) of the Province of British Columbia provides strategic advice and recommendations to the Government Chief Information Officer, ADMCST, and DMCPSI regarding the standards, architecture ,  management and investment of information and technology (IM/IT).

The CIO Council is co-chaired by a Ministry Chief Information Officer (MCIO) and an Executive Lead from the Office of the Chief Information Officer for the Province of British Columbia, and its members include MCIO representatives.

The purpose of the CIO Council is to support the Chief Information Officer’s authority for governance and policy, strategic IM/IT planning, strategic infrastructure development, transformational opportunities including strategic and enterprise investment in the usage of information and information technology as well as security and privacy for the Province's information and communications technology, including the implementation of the direction and evaluation measurements as described in Chapter 12 of the Core Policy and Procedures Manual.


  • Provides cross-government IM/IT leadership and maximizes investments
  • Endorse IM/IT capital investments for recommendation at DMCPSI
  • Act as trusted advisors on IM/ITand business related issues to the GCIO and to ministry executive councils
  • Provides advice and endorsement on major IM/IT strategic planning, Standards, Architecture and policy issues
  • Provides advice back to the Government CIO office on business solutions and impacts on enablers and corporate services
  • Provides advice on IM/IT impacts to ADMCST. The ministry co-chair is a standing member of ADMCST
  • Provides a forum for receiving and sharing information and is expected to be the channel for communications of the IM/IT strategies, programs, services across the ministries
  • Provides guidance and advice on building capacity of the IM/IT profession in government