Chief Records Officer Directives & Guidelines

The Chief Records Officer (CRO) has the power to issue directives and guidelines under the Information Management Act (IMA). The head of a government body must take reasonable steps to ensure that the government body follows CRO directives and guidelines.

CRO 01-2020: Digitizing Government Information

Effective: July 2, 2020

This Directive announces the Digitizing Government Information Standard, which provides practice and technical requirements that must be followed when converting physical government information into digital form to create authentic, defensible digital records.

- View the CRO Directive on the Digitizing Government Information Standard (PDF 52 KB)

CRO 02-2019: Archiving of Government Information

Effective: October 1, 2019

This Directive places digital information scheduled for archiving on hold until notified. Physical records ready to be archived are currently exempt from this requirement and can be transferred to the BC Archives at the Royal BC Museum.

CRO 01-2019: Documenting Government Decisions

Effective: March 31, 2019

The IMA requires that government bodies have an appropriate system in place for creating and maintaining government information that is an adequate record of their decisions. The CRO Directive on Documenting Government Decisions sets out the components of an appropriate system for creating and maintaining government information, and what constitutes an adequate record. The Guidelines expand on the Directive.