2012-2013 Central Vancouver Island Vegetable Agencies

On November 21, 2012, a B.C. Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) appeal panel, under s. 8(8) of the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act (NPMA), referred the B.C. Vegetable Marketing Commission (VMC) central Vancouver Island agency application and two associated appeals to BCFIRB in its supervisory capacity.

The following decision was released by BCFIRB on January 7, 2013.

The January 7, 2013 decision directed the VMC undertake specific actions to

  • Support interim marketing that adheres to regulatory system requirements,
  • Address agency designation beyond 2013, and
  • Propose scheme amendments to allow persons other than commercial producers be Commission members.

Post-Supervisory Review

Before recommendations were presented to BCFIRB by the VMC regarding agencies on Vancouver Island in response to the Supervisory Review directions, VMC received an application from B.C. Fresh Vegetables Inc. (BCFresh) and Vancouver Island Farm Products Inc. (VIFP) that would see VIFP operate as a sub-agency of BCFresh. VIFP is currently operating under a temporary agency designation arising from the Supervisory Review.

In response, BCFIRB set out its expectations of VMC, as the first instance regulator, in a July 29, 2013 letter (PDF)

On August 29, 2013 the VMC held a hearing on the application and issued a decision on October 31, 2013.
Decision regarding the joint application by B.C. Fresh Vegetables Inc. and Vancouver Island Farm Products Inc. to operate in an agency-sub agency structure (PDF)

Following the VMC decision, BCFIRB initiated a final submission process in a November 15, 2013 letter. (PDF)

The BCFIRB panel is requesting final written submissions from VMC, VIFP, V.I.P. Produce Ltd. (VIP), BCFresh and the Island Vegetable Cooperative Association (IVCA) to address some outstanding concerns.


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