Animal Custody Appeal Decisions

The decisions of the B.C. Farm Industry Review Board are made available on the Internet for the purpose of public information. The material on the database/web site may be used without permission provided that the material is accurately reproduced and an acknowledgement of the source of the work is included. Copying of the materials, in whole or in part, for resale or other commercial purposes is strictly prohibited unless authorized by BCFIRB.

D.B. v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2023-09-12
Allen v BCSPCA - Dismissal Order (PDF) 2023-06-12
Martin v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2023-04-25
Sarkozi v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2023-04-03
Allen v BCSPCA - Dismissal Order (PDF) 2023-03-27
Latour v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2023-03-14
Elliot v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2023-03-09
K.R. v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2023-02-27
A.R. v BCSPCA - Dismissal Order (PDF) 2023-01-18
Leduc v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-11-15
T.B. v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-11-02
Popp v BCSPCA - Dismissal Order (PDF) 2022-10-21
Hoekstra & Simpson v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-10-19
K.P. v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-10-14
Tanaka v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-09-14
G.G. v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-09-07
Watson and Rainier v BCSPCA - Dismissal Order (PDF) 2022-06-01
Kozyniak v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-04-25
Grewal v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-04-11
Theede v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-03-10
Pratt & Rauch v BCSPCA - Decision with Corrigendum (PDF) 2022-03-07
Davison v BCSPCA - Dismissal Order (PDF) 2021-12-24
Nichols v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2022-01-24
Harris v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2021-12-23
Grelecki v BCSPCA - Dismissal Order (PDF) 2021-11-30
Balcilek v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2021-12-15
McIntosh v BCSPCA - Decision 2021-11-10
Chandler v BCSPCA - Decision 2021-10-19
Booker v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2021-08-16
Seddon v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2021-07-12
Magaw v BCSPCA - Decision_Corrigendum (PDF) 2021-05-27
McAnerin v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2021-04-27
Andrusek v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2021-02-17
Currall v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2021-02-08
Chandler v BCSPCA - Decision 2021-02-01
Smith v BCSPCA - Decision 2021-01-18
Foulds v BCSPCA - Decision 2020-12-09
Leismeister v BCSPCA - Decision 2020-11-25
Jensen v BCSPCA  - Decision 2020-11-23
EM v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2020-10-05
C.C. v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2020-08-17
Csok v BCSPCA - Dismissal Order (PDF) 2020-07-10
Eban v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2020-05-06
Hogan v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2020-04-08
Simans v BCSPCA - Decision (PDF) 2020-03-24
Taboulinskaia v BCSPCA Decision (PDF) 2020-02-28
Neuhaus v BCSPCA Decision (PDF) 2020-02-27
Affenzeller vs BCSPCA  (PDF) 2019-10-11
Churchill  Bhasin v BCSPCA (PDF) 2019-09-18
R.H. and L.H. v BCSPCA (PDF) 2019-07-05
Christman v BCSPCA Decision (PDF) 2019-05-29
Driediger v BCSPCA Decision (PDF) 2019-04-24
Bilski v BCSPCA Decision (PDF) 2019-04-10
Bagga v BCSPCA Decision (PDF) 2019-02-05
Bagga v BCSPCA Adjournment Decision (PDF) 2019-01-18
McGaffin v BCSPCA Decision (PDF) 2018-10-18
CS v BCSPCA Decision (PDF) 2018-08-30
CS v BCSPCA s 42 Application Decision (PDF) 2018-07-25
Simkins v BCSPCA Dismissal Order P1804 (PDF) 2018-05-11
Baker v BCSPCA Decision P1803 (PDF) 2018-04-16
Stiasny v BCSPCA ED Non Appeal Ltr (PDF) 2018-03-29
Clendenning v BCSPCA (PDF) 2018-03-22
Cummings v BCSPCA (PDF) 2018-03-19
Bruvall v BCSPCA (PDF) 2017-11-22
Bruvall v BCSPCA Potential Appeal (PDF) 2017-10-18
Hubick v BCSPCA (PDF) 2017-08-10
Marleau v BCSPCA Costs Decision (PDF) 2017-07-21
Moller v BCSPCA (PDF) 2017-07-18
Marleau v BCSPCA (PDF) 2017-07-07
Moller v BCSPCA Summons Decision (PDF) 2017-06-28
Simans v BCSPCA (PDF) 2017-05-24
Ridland v BCSPCA - Timing of Appeal Decision (PDF) 2017-04-26
Mbamy v BCSPCA Costs Decision (PDF) 2017-04-21
Jones v BCSPCA - Timing of Filing Notice of Appeal Decision (PDF) 2017-04-18
Parker v BCSPCA (PDF) 2017-03-20
Tsin v BCSPCA (PDF) 2017-02-02
Viitre v BCSPCA (PDF) 2017-01-10
Simans v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-12-02
Unger v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-09-20
EM v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-09-02
Keeping v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-06-22
Zhou v BCSPCA - costs (PDF) 2016-06-06
Viitre v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-05-18
Zhou v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-05-10
JK v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-04-21
Point v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-04-14
Stiasny vs BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-04-01
Baker Lemure v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-03-07
Leduc v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-03-01
Andrusek v BCSPCA (PDF) 2016-01-22
EM vs BCSPCA (PDF) 2015-08-18
HL v BCSPCA (PDF) 2015-06-01
Kelpin v BCSPCA (PDF) 2015-04-21
Kelpin v BCSPCA Adjournment Decision (PDF) 2015-03-31
Havelock v BCSPCA (PDF) 2015-03-20
Andrusek v BCSPCA (PDF) 2014-10-14
Andrusek v BCSPCA Preliminary Decision (PDF) 2014-09-05
McLeod v BCSPCA Costs Decision (PDF) 2014-08-21
McLeod v BCSPCA (PDF) 2014-07-29
Krecul v BCSPCA (PDF) 2014-06-26
Simpson v BCSPCA (PDF) 2014-05-16
Simpson v BCSPCA (PDF) 2014-05-02
Binnersley v BCSPCA (PDF) 2014-04-15
Parkinson v BCSPCA - costs (PDF) 2013-12-10
Parkinson v BCSPCA (PDF) 2013-11-07
Bickerdike v BCSPCA (PDF) 2013-10-10
A.B. v BCSPCA (#13-03) (PDF)) 2013-08-09
Hinch vs BCSPCA - Consent Dismissal Order (PDF) 2013-05-10


The following are noted as appeal submissions that were determined to be out of time, and did not enter the appeal process:

BCFIRB Ltr to Williams & Nisbet re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - Oct 13, 2022

BCFIRB Ltr to Pedersen re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - June 6, 2022

BCFIRB Ltr to Orlaw re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - Jan 7, 2022

BCFIRB Ltr to Edward re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - Dec 22, 2021

BCFIRB Ltr to McAnerin re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - Mar 12, 2021

BCFIRB Ltr to Grande re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - Sept 26, 2019

BCFIRB Ltr to Kobus re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - Dec 6, 2017

BCFIRB Ltr to Ridland re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - April 26, 2017

BCFIRB Ltr to Jones re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - April 18, 2017

BCFIRB Ltr to Stremler re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - Dec 8, 2016

BCFIRB Ltr to Salam re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - June 26, 2015

BCFIRB Ltr to Wong re PCAA Out of Time to file Appeal (PDF) - April 2, 2015

BCFIRB Ltr to Lowden re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - Mar 18, 2014

BCFIRB Ltr to CG re PCAA Out of Time to File Appeal (PDF) - June 13, 2013

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