Report on Multiculturalism

2018/2019 Report on Multiculturalism

2018/2019 Report on Multiculturalism

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In 2018, the Province celebrated the 25th anniversary of British Columbia’s Multiculturalism Act which directs the Government of British Columbia to preserve and enhance multiculturalism by promoting cross cultural understanding and recognizing that: 

“…the diversity of British Columbians as regards race, cultural heritage, religion, ethnicity, ancestry and place of origin is a fundamental characteristic of the society of British Columbia that enriches the lives of all British Columbians…”

The Act commits ministries and Crown corporations to implement services, programs and policies in a manner that is sensitive and responsive to the multicultural reality of British Columbia and to report on their progress through the Annual Report on Multiculturalism.

This report highlights the wide breadth of initiatives that government undertook between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, to ensure that public services, programs and initiatives are culturally sensitive, relevant and accessible and that the B.C. Public Service reflects the diverse population it serves. This year, the report is presented in two parts:

  • Part One is a summary of achievements specifically related to the promotion of multiculturalism in 2018/19. These efforts were primarily led by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture that had lead responsibility for multiculturalism and the administration of the Multiculturalism Act during this time period. 
  • Part Two is a summary of how all ministries and Crown corporations in British Columbia met their obligations under the Multiculturalism Act in 2018/19. This section highlights leading practices, policies, programs and services implemented across government aimed at supporting the values and principles of the Multiculturalism Act.