Legislation Review

Repealing discriminatory legislation

The provincial government has delivered on its commitment to review discriminatory legislation as part of government’s pledge to address historical wrongs committed by past provincial governments against Chinese Canadians.

Along with the release of a report, Chinese Legacy BC: Legislation Review, government introduced a new Discriminatory Provisions (Historical Wrongs) Repeal Act to repeal discriminatory provisions in historical private legislation.

The legislation review reinforces the fact that all British Columbians, including those of Chinese descent, have a high degree of constitutional and legislated human rights protection.

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News Release

View list of 19 private Acts subject to the Discriminatory Provisions (Historical Wrongs) Repeal Act (listed in chronological order):

John Adair and Joseph Hunter - Quesnelle Lake Dam Company Act, SBC 1881 c 19

An Act respecting a Subsidy for a Railway from Victoria to North Saanich, SBC 1886 c 16

An Act to Incorporate the Vancouver Electric Light Company, SBC 1886 c 25

T.B.H. Cochrane and James Brady - Findlay Creek and Lands... SBC 1886 c 26

Vancouver Gas Company Act, SBC 1886 c 27

An Act to amend the New Westminster and Port Moody Telephone Company, SBC 1886 c 30

An Act to Incorporate the Vancouver Street Railways Company, SBC 1886 c 31

An Act to incorporate the New Westminster Electric Light and Motor Power Company, SBC 1890 c 50

Quesnelle Prospecting Act, SBC 1895 c 57

Lightning Creek Gold Gravels and Drainage Company (Limited Liability) Act, SBC 1896 c 56

Cariboo-Omineca Chartered Company Incorporation Act, SBC 1898 c 10

BC Public Works Loan Act SBC 1898 c30

British Columbia Great Gold Gravels Dredge-Mining Corporation Act, SBC 1898 c 48

Red Mountain Tunnel Company Act, SBC 1898 c 60

An Act to Incorporate the Big Bend Transportation Company Limited, SBC 1899 c 81

Pine Creek Flume Company Act, SBC 1899 c 87

An Act ratifying certain Agreements respecting False Creek Vancouver, SBC 1911 c 55

An Act to ratify Agreement between the City of Vancouver and the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway RSBC 1913 c 76

An Act respecting the Corporation of the City of New Westminster SBC 1930 c 52