Legacy Initiatives Advisory Council


Legacy Initiatives Advisory Council (Back row, from left to right: Carol Anne Lee, Don Bain, Kenneth Tung, Henry Tom, William Ma, Jan Walls, Shui Lee, George Ing, Zaixin Ma, Jun Ing. Front row, from left to right: Imogene Lim, Queenie Choo, David Chuen Yan Lai, Henry Yu, David Choi, Lily Chow, Thomas Chan, Tung Chan. Not pictured: Howard Grant, Fred Y. Kwok, Diana Lam, King Wan.)

The Legacy Initiatives Advisory Council (LIAC) provides government with advice to ensure successful implementation of the legacy projects resulting from the Chinese Historical Wrongs Consultation Final Report (PDF 2.7 MB). The LIAC fosters community engagement regarding the legacy projects and works with the community and government to ensure that the successful implementation of the legacy initiatives are known and communicated throughout the province. 


Council Members

No members of the Legacy Initiatives Advisory Council receive remuneration. For more information, visit the Board Resourcing Development Office website.