Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network

Last updated on November 10, 2022

The Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network offers a multi-faceted, province wide approach with greater focus and leadership in identifying and challenging racism.

The program connects communities with information, supports and training they need to respond to, and prevent future incidents of, racism and hate.

The Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network delivers coordinated services through a “Hub and Spoke” model. This model has a centralized “hub” that anchors the program and provides oversight; the “spokes” are community-based branches that help see through service delivery.

  • The Resilience BC Hub:
    • Connects communities
    • Increases capacity to share information and resources
    • Coordinates training and anti-racism initiatives
  • The Spokes:
    • Represent communities and work with local members
    • Identify local priorities and move projects forward


This program is the result of a series of community dialogues led by Ravi Kahlon, former parliamentary secretary for sport and multiculturalism, in July and August of 2019. The meetings explored issues and experiences around racism and hate, and asked community leaders for advice about how government can help build a safer, more inclusive province.

Recommendations were made to redesign the existing Organizing Against Racism and Hate (OARH) program, to better support communities in their efforts to fight racism and hate. As a result, on November 18, 2019, the Province introduced the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network to deliver coordinated services through a “Hub and Spoke” model.


Contact information

For more information about the Resilience BC anti-racism network, please contact the Multiculturalism Branch or the Resilience BC Hub at Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS).