Verify your identity in person

You can verify your identity in person at any Service BC location when you have:

  • A BC Services Card

And, you want to:

  • Set up the mobile app
  • Use a username and password and need to get your BC Token

Otherwise, you must verify your identity by video.

Where to go

Any Service BC location

What to bring

You always need:

  • Your BC Services Card

If you're setting up the app, you need:

  • The mobile device with the mobile app. For example your iPhone or iPad

If your BC Services Card does not have a photo:

  • Bring photo ID - see what ID you can use 
  • Check the names on your photo ID matches the name on your BC Services Card
    • If they do not match, bring documentation that shows both names, like a marriage certificate
    • You can also call Health Insurance BC to update the name on your BC Services Card so it matches your other ID