Carpooling and Car Sharing


Carpooling can be an option whether or not you own or drive a car. If you know you travel the same route as a neighbour or co-worker, consider arranging to carpool or ride-share. Traveling together in a single vehicle can save you both money, and is also better for the environment. 

Car Sharing

If you only use your vehicle for a few hours each week or month, car sharing may be an option for you. As a car-share member, you generally pay a basic monthly fee and an hourly usage fee, with no gas, insurance, or repair costs to worry about.

Car sharing is simple. When you need a vehicle, reserve one over the phone or online, and pick up the vehicle at your reserved time. When you’re done, return the vehicle to its home location.

Car sharing is becoming more and more popular. For more information on car sharing and car sharing networks in B.C., visit: