Resource Links

The following is a list of links to more information about preventing elder abuse and neglect and protecting victims.

Curricular Resource

The Elder Abuse Reduction Curricular Resource is an in-depth learning module that consists of an instructor’s guide and a presentation for teaching core competencies in elder abuse prevention, detection and response in British Columbia. This free, online resource includes activities, assignments, online video links, readings, evaluation questions, and references to additional material.

B.C. Organizations

Canadian Organizations

The Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse website is a national knowledge-sharing and resource hub created to share information about promising approaches and resources for elder abuse prevention and response. Visit the website.

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law provides resources in English and French, including:

The National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly provides resources in English and French, including:

The Public Health Agency of Canada’s Division of Aging and Seniors provides resources in English and French, including:

Other Resources

HealthLink BC information on elder abuse:

Federal/Provincial/Territorial Forum Reports: