Riverside Fit Park

Riverside Fit Park in Courtenay, B.C. is one of 18 parks built in communities throughout B.C. as part of the Seniors Community Parks initiative.

The Riverside Fit Park is in a great location overlooking the waters of the Courtenay River and has a welcoming layout that has proven popular with Comox Valley seniors.

Located at 358 Anderton Avenue in Courtenay, right across the street from the Florence Filberg Centre and the Evergreen Seniors Club, Riverside Fit Park features 16 pieces of outdoor fitness equipment.

The park is available for informal drop-in use as well as scheduled classes.

Push Chair at Riverside Fit Park


Riverside Fit Park features 16 pieces of outdoor fitness equipment designed to give users a well-rounded workout, with exercises geared towards cardio, core strength, upper and lower body, and flexibility.

Individual stations include:

  • Push chair
  • Pull chair
  • Arm wheel
  • Tai chi wheel
  • Waist trainer
  • Surfboard
  • Elliptical trainer
  • Bonny rider
  • Wab board
  • Leg stretcher
  • Airwalker
  • Exercise bars
  • Pullup bracket
  • Waist/back massage

Exploring Riverside Fit Park

By Isabel Petch

Set in Riverside Park underneath a towering oak tree and protected by the great weeping California redwood, the yellow and grey exercise units look like garden sculptures guarded by great columns of ten foot high hedging cedars.  Outside the cedars, the Courtenay River flows by, often carrying kayakers.  In the distance are the fields of Lewis Park.  Paths lead from one exercise station to the next. The whole effect is cheerful and inviting.

The motto on the yellow sign in front of the park reads: “Every Move is a Good Move”, and since its opening day, folks have been visiting the park, using the equipment, enjoying it and having fun.

I watched a young man do chin ups on the Pull Up Bracket. He was delighted with the equipment and relishing his outdoor workout.  I lamented that my chin up days were over, still I was able to have a great but modified workout on the same piece of equipment.  My favourite is the Air Walker, because it helps relieve my arthritic hip.

One of the interesting happenings about the Seniors’ Community Park is that all ages seem to be enjoying it.  I watched a four year old boy figure out how to use the exercise equipment – it took him just minutes.  His move from unit to unit was more rapid than mine, but the pleasure was the same.

Some of the park users have made the visit to the park a part of their daily routine.  On their regular walk, they stop for more exercise and to socialize and even picnic. The Park is a destination.  One of my favourite sights was a gentleman of seventy or so sitting on the Pull Chair, while facing a little girl of ten sitting opposite on the Push Chair. It would have been a great photo op!

One ninety year old user of the Leg Stretcher found it difficult to use as directed (he has knee replacements), but very quickly adapted his approach so that the machine suited his needs.  My husband likes this machine and is able to use it as directed and finds it a great part of his overall workout.

For the child that still resides in all of us, the Bonny Rider is very close to a rocking horse.  Besides the fun of the ride, it promotes the development of the core, enhances the upper body triceps and strengthens the leg muscles.

Some folk who have been regularly using indoor exercise equipment have decided to transfer their workouts to the Outdoor Seniors’ Community Park.  The location & the ambience of the sunshine are unbeatable enticements for change.  Visitors from other places who do not have such a venue wish that they were as lucky as we are here in Courtenay.  And every man, woman or child who visits the park is proof that “Every Move is a Good Move!”

Sponsored by the City of Courtenay

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