Seniors' Community Parks

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Seniors' Community Parks in B.C. provide free outdoor exercise equipment and are designed to help older adults stay mobile, healthy, and physically active in their communities.


Interior B.C.

  • Cranbrook: 17 Avenue & Baker Street (Next to Cranbrook RecPlex)
  • Kamloops: On McArthur Island Parkway adjacent to Norbrock Stadium (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • Kelowna: 1800 Parkinson Way (Parkinson Recreation Centre)
  • Nelson: 2001 Lakeside Drive

Lower Mainland

  • Abbotsford: Mill Lake Park (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • Burnaby: 3523 Cameron Street - Cameron Recreation Centre
    (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • North Vancouver: North end of Parkgate Avenue west of Mt. Seymour
    Road (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • Richmond: Hugh Boyd Park (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • Surrey: Adjacent to Fleetwood Community Centre - North of 83rd Ave. & West of 160th St. (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • Tsawwassen: 5027 11A  Avenue - Lions Wellness Park (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • Vancouver: 6210 Tisdall Street - Tisdall at 49th (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)

Northern B.C.

  • Dawson Creek: Corner of 13th street & 110 avenue
  • Prince George: 2121 Massey Place - Masich Place Stadium (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • Terrace: 4620 Park Avenue (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)

Vancouver Island

  • Courtenay: 358 Anderton Avenue (Across from Florence Filberg Centre)
  • Nanaimo: 6000 Oliver Road adjacent to Oliver Woods Recreation Centre (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • North Cowichan: 5847 Chesterfield Avenue (Cowichan Sportsplex)
  • Oak Bay: 2291 Cedar Hill X Road - Henderson Recreation Centre (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)
  • Sidney: 10091 Resthaven Drive - Sidney/ North Saanich Library (Equipment: HealthbeatTM)

How to Use HealthbeatTM Equipment

The following videos serve as a guideline on how to use each piece of equipment, teach proper form and technique, and provide alternate exercises for various levels.

Please note: these videos are designed for use with HealthBeatTM Outdoor Fitness System equipment.

Follow the instructions that best meet your current physical ability. Be sure to warm up before you begin and cool down after you are finished.

These videos describe different exercises that can be done on one piece of equipment:

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 1 - Introduction

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 2 - Cardio Stepper

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 3 - Plyometric Benches

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 4 - Balance Steps

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 5 - Squat Press

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 6 - Healthbeam

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 7 - Balance Beam and Pods

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 8 - Tai Chi Wheels

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 9 - Chest Press

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 10 - Pull Up and Tricep Dip

Seniors' Community Parks - Part 11 - Assisted Row and Push Up

For general information about using HealthbeatTM equipment, see:

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