Indigenous Child and Family Service Agencies/Delegated Aboriginal Agency Practice Audits

Last updated on December 28, 2023

The audit review process is designated to support and improve practice in Indigenous Child and Family Service Agencies (ICFS), also known as Delegated Aboriginal Agencies (DAAs). Audit practice analysts work together and consult with ICFS Agency staff as needed, when they are reviewing records. ICFS Agency audits cover and report out on all areas of practice that a specific ICFS Agencyconducts. Every agency across the Province is audited separately using audit tools and audit interviews of the ICFS Agency staff and management to report out qualitative and quantitative data.

The practice audit process for ICFS Agencies are based on the Aboriginal Operational Practice Standards and Indicators (AOPSI) as well as MCFD policies when applicable. For the AOPSI based practice audits all standards are measured, therefore critical measures are not developed. Once data is collected and the report is completed it is shared with the ICFS Agency. These audits are completed on a three year rotation. The Ministry of Children and Family Development is required to publish these practice audits.












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