Child & Family Service Accountability in BC

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) is accountable for providing quality services and programs to improve and support positive outcomes for children, youth and families.

Quality Assurance is a key legislated responsibility of the “Director” under the Child, Family and Community Service Act in the Office of the Provincial Director. As part of the ministry’s public accountability, quality assurance plays a critical role to oversee, support and report out publicly on the quality of practice to support effective services to our clients.  The Ministry’s quality assurance activities include:

Reportable Circumstances

A designated director be notified immediately regarding the critical injury or death of a child in care or a child who has received Ministry services across program areas in the twelve months previous to the critical injury or death. These notifications provide the Director with the opportunity to objectively review the circumstances and learn from these incidents.

Case Reviews

Case reviews examine and learn from the facts surrounding a child’s death or critical injury to improve policy, service delivery and practice. Case reviews include a summary of the family’s involvement with the Ministry or other service provider, an analysis of the information, findings and a written report. Case reviews may result in action plans to address practice issues that have been identified.

Practice Audits

Practice audits ensure that the ministry and Delegated Aboriginal Agencies are complying with the ministry’s standards of practice. Each Ministry Service Delivery Area and each Delegated Aboriginal Agencies receives a full audit every three years. Audits are conducted by the Provincial Director of Child welfare using standardized methodologies, procedures and tools.


Complaint Specialists across the province facilitate active involvement between complainants and staff to work towards the resolution of the complainant’s concerns.  Complainants can request an Administrative Review as an alternative to resolution. Administrative Reviews examine relevant information that may result in recommendations.


The ministry requires accreditation through Council on Accreditation or Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for contracted service providers who receive more than $500,000 funding.