Last updated on April 23, 2024

B.C. is taking action to reduce single-use and plastic waste, moving plastics to the circular economy. In a circular economy resources are never disposed, but instead are reused, recycled and reintroduced as new products. Learn how we are getting there, together.

Single-Use and Plastic Waste Prevention Regulation

The Single-Use and Plastic Waste Prevention Regulation is one of the actions government is taking to phase out single-use plastic items, as well as address waste and pollution in B.C.

Resources for businesses

B.C. is helping businesses understand the Single-Use and Plastic Waste Prevention Regulation. These resources will help businesses across the Province understand and share the new regulations.

Resources for people and communities

Everyone has a part in reducing the amount of plastic waste across B.C. Find alternatives to single-use plastics and what you can do to help.

B.C., federal and municipal plastic regulations

All levels of government are taking actions on plastics. Learn more about provincial and federal regulations and municipal bylaws.

Actions and success stories 

Learn about some of the actions we're taking to phase out single-use plastics and read success stories about our transition to a circular economy.