Slaughter and poultry processing

Slaughter and poultry processing industry operations are required to comply with the Code of Practice for the Slaughter and Poultry Processing Industries (Slaughter Code), the Environmental Management Act and the Waste Discharge Regulation.  

The Slaughter Code regulates discharges to the environment from slaughter and poultry processing industries. It addresses air quality management, discharge of wastewater, and the management of waste solids and semi-solids, as well as registration, monitoring and record-keeping.

Code of Practice

The Slaughter Code was brought into force in July 2007, and amended in 2010:


The following may assist with understanding the requirements of the Slaughter Code of Practice:

There is an exemption in the Slaughter Code for small slaughter and poultry processing operations that are located on an agricultural operation. If slaughtering livestock or processing poultry for personal use, or producing less than:

  • 5 tonnes (live weight killed) red meat per year, or
  • 1.5 tonnes (live weight killed) poultry meat per year

The operation does not need to follow the Slaughter Code. Instead, they must follow the Code of Practice for Agricultural Environmental Management.