Questionnaires for Qualified Environmental Professionals

The following questionnaires have been developed for Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) to further the implementation of professional reliance in the review/approval processes for major projects and assist in expediting the review process.  Responses to these questions help provincial reviewers of a Development Plan (DP) to be more focused and efficient in their reviews.  The intent of utilizing these questionnaires is to reduce the duplication of effort among private-sector and public-sector professionals while maintaining the quality of advice/information being provided to decision-makers

The questionnaires can only be completed, signed and submitted by appropriate registered professionals who have expertise in the relevant subject area. Their use is not mandatory at this time. The application of this approach on some clean energy projects has identified a number of benefits. Completing the questionnaires can result both in focusing the proponent’s consultant on key provincial management objectives, as well as reducing the time required for provincial staff to complete reviews of information regarding how the proponent will meet objectives.

These questionnaires can be submitted with the development plan when submitting a project proposal through the Front Counter BC.