Report Natural Resource Violations

Everyone has a role in protecting British Columbia’s natural resources.

If you have seen misconduct involving wildlife, ecosystems, heritage sites or natural resources, please report it using one of these three methods:

  1. Report a natural resource violation (online form) if the infraction concerns water, roads, forestry operations or any misuse of Crown lands or a heritage site
  2. Report a human-wildlife conflict (online form) if you see an incident involving dangerous wildlife or human harm to wildlife.  If you see an infraction on fisheries, poaching, pollution or off road vehicles - report other environmental concerns here.
  3. Call 1 877-952-7277 toll-free (or #7277 on a cellphone). Then, depending on what you've witnessed, you may choose to report either to a natural resource officer or a conservation officer.  

What to Record

Your observations should be recorded in note form as soon as possible.
Where possible include:

  • Description of suspect(s), including, number of people, name, sex, race, age, height and weight, eye colour, hair, hair colour and style, facial hair, physical attributes such as tattoos or scars, clothing, accent and mannerisms
  • Details of violation, including, date, time, location, type of violation, suspects actions and comments, type of hunting or fishing gear and other equipment used
  • Transport involved, including vehicle or vessel number, province or state, make, model, year, colour and distinctive features such as damage, stripes or customizing
  • Witnesses, including name, address and phone number for each

Further Information